Get Involved


Have you ever wanted to contribute to OULD? Fancy chairing Spirited Discussions, or organising speaker events, or generally having a good time with some of the nicest people in Oxford? You too can join the illustrious OULD Committee by standing in our termly elections!

There are plenty of positions on offer - you can stand for President-elect, Secretary, Treasurer (elected every other term), Campaigns Officer, Social Secretary, Spirits Officer, or even general commitee if you'd like to get a feel for the inner-workings of the society before taking on a larger commitment

Voting and standing is only open to members of OULD. To join, it's just £1 - get in touch with the Treasurer at to pay your dues, and then you will be added to the membership list.

Elections are held in 7th Week, and the deadline for nominations is usually the Friday of 6th Week. To nominate yourself, or for further information, email the Returning Officer at, or take a look at our constitution in the menu above. Good luck!


Oxford tends to have elections every year as its city council is elected in parts rather than as a whole. Add in the European Elections and Parliamentary elections, it means OULD is campaigning practically all year round.

Whether you have no campaigning experience, or are seasoned at knocking on doors, get in touch with us and we'll tell you all you need to know. It can be delivering, doorknocking, and even phone canvassing - and it's all done with friendly people, and is great fun.

For further information, contact either the President or President-elect, whose details are on the executive page