This page notes the motions that have been voted on at Spirited Disccusions.

Hilary 2017

1stForcing patients to make lifestyle changes before undergoing elective surgery is unethical
We should introduce a maximum wage cap.
2ndAttempts to radically extend human lifespan should be discouraged10162
The UK should adopt a codified constitution13144
3rdEuthanasia should be legalised1356
The new US administration represents a serious threat to global security1742
4thWe should vote to trigger Article 5012116
The Labour Party will never form another government8190
5thRight Wing Populism is a greater threat to Western democracy than Islamic extremism2252
We should form a Liberal Alliance with moderates from other parties5142
6thThe UK police force should be fully armed2172
We should abolish the House of Lords4135
7thTrade Unions are a net bad for society5203
Nicola Sturgeon would make a better PM than Theresa May51410
8thThe UK should embrace globalisation
We would abolish the monarchy

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